Research Project on Assessment of economic impacts of MGNREGA in selected two villages of Karnataka state using Social Accounting Matrix (SAM)

Research Team
Focal person:
Sri P.S. Srikantha Murthy, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics

Dr M.R. Girish, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Marketing, Co-operation and ABM
Dr M.G. Chandrakanth, Professor and University Head, Department of Agricultural Economics
Research fellows: Sri Gourav Kumar Vani and Sri Chikkathimme Gowda, MSc students, Department of Agricultural Economics

Partnership and Funding Agency
University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India is the partner institution for collaboration on the CGIAR Research Program on “Policies, Institutions and Markets” to ICRISAT, Patancheru, the Program Participant Centre.

Objectives of the study

  • Developing an empirical village level Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for two villages in Karnataka, one in Tumkur district in Southern region and the other in Bijapur district in Northern region. SAM analysis of impacts of MGNREGA interventions, and investment multiplier effects in the selected villages.
  • Policy simulations using SAM to form alternate policy measures, and analysis of implications of MGNREGA on the synergies between safety nets and agricultural and rural development interventions; labour wage rate, labour scarcity (and out migration), farm production and other major changes brought in agricultural activities in the selected villages of Karnataka. This includes analysis of multiplier effects of MGNREGA and direct and total village wide economic effects of the MGNREGA program interventions in the selected villages.
  • Based on results of the SAM, derivation of policy recommendations for welfare of the village economy.

Project Duration
December 2012 to July 2014.

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