Dr. S. Bisalaiah

Inaugural Session of a Training Programme

Associate Members

  • Dr.T.N. Prakash, Co-PI and Professor & Head

    Dr. T.N. Prakash received a Post Doctoral Fellowship from the University of Bonn, Germany for studies on Economics of Biodiversity Conservation with focus on rice in February 2004. He received his Ph.D.(Food and Agricultural Marketing Management) from the University of Mysore in April 1997.

    Principal Investigator of Government of India' scheme on "Estimating the Cost of Production of Arecanut" in Karnataka since 1998. The scheme is instrumental in providing Minimum Support Price to arecanut in Karnataka.

    Honorary Editor of a quarterly journal Hittalagida (meaning - the plant at the back yard of the house) in local vernacular language published from Bangalore and Editorial Committee Member of Honey Bee another quarterly published from Indian Institute of Management, Ahemdabad

    Last Update: 26/09/2011 Email: prakashtnk@yahoo.com Mobile: 9448772202 :: More info
  • Dr.N. Nagaraj, Professor & Project Associate

    Worked in the area of Institutional Management Regimes and Economic Instruments for Sustainable Use of Water-The French Model Lessons for India (From Nov, 1997 to Oct 1998, at INRA and CERNA, Paris France).

    Groundwater Institutions in Western US and India: Sustainable and Equitable Resource Use-Lessons for India (From Nov, 1998 to June 1999, at the University of Colorado, Dept of Agril and Resource Economics, Fort Collins, US).

    Environmental implications of groundwater depletion and quality degradation -Methods to Estimate the Marginal opportunity cost and Economic Value of groundwater (From April to June, 2001, at the University of Arizona, Dept of Agril and Resource Economics Tucson, US).

    Last Update: 26/09/2011 Email: nagarajnareppa@yahoo.com Phone: 23637002 :: More info
  • Dr. H. Chandrashekar, Associate Professor of Statistics and Project Associate

    Mr. Chandrashekar specializes in Agricultural Development Statistics. With deep commitment to Economics of development of watershed technology, he published articles in the International Association of Agricultural Economics proceedings.

    He has articles in Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics and in Economic and Political Weekly. He served as a member of multi-disciplinary team for planning, monitoring and evaluation of Dry Land Development Program through watershed approach with a focus on location specific land use plan in Karnataka.

    Last Update: 23/09/11 Email: hchandrashekar@yahoo.com Mobile: :: More info
The Team of Excellence in Natural Resource Economics has academecians in the field of water resource economics, watershed economics, land economics, environmental economics and forest resource economics to shape the human resource development of agricultural economists in the SAUs and ICAR institutes.