Research Potential in NRE

1. Water (ground and surface) resource

  • Evaluation and impact assessment of irrigation projects.
  • Groundwater depletion and economics of groundwater recharge.
  • Social cost benefit of reclamation of problematic soils.
  • Pricing of water resource and service and water markets.
  • Water use efficiency and sustainability across methods of extraction, irrigation, property rights and use.

2. Land Resource

  • Agrarian and other institutional reforms and their impact on land management, valuation and markets.
  • Economics of soil and water conservation in different property regimes to land.
  • Sustainability of watershed development program and impact on resource linkages.
  • Economic approaches to encroachment, depletion and conservation of CPRs.

3. Agriculture

  • Economic impact of natural resource intensive agriculture on environment, trade, other natural resources.
  • Negative externalities of use of agrochemicals.
  • Economics of sustainable agriculture methods (organic farming, traditional and indigenous agricultural technologies, systems, practices).
  • Economic analysis of energy issues in agriculture.
  • Environmental impact of agricultural waste, reuse and recycling.

4. Forestry

  • Economic analysis of multipurpose tree species, NTFPs and silvicultural systems.
  • Forest policies in the context of sustainability, tribal security.
  • Valuation of biodiversity, forest products, services in westren ghats and other fragile regions.
  • Social-cost benefit analysis of developmental projects on forest ecosystem.
  • Eco-tourism and impact on natural resource management, environment and local economy.

5. Marine Resources

  • Economic impact of aquaculture on agriculture, trade and environment.
  • Environment and equity implications of mechanized harvest of marine resources.
  • Degradation of mangroves and impact on marine ecosystem.

6. Policy and Institutions

  • Policy interventions and institution building for NRs conservation and management.
  • Contribution of gender in natural resource conservation and management and other gender issues in resource conservation.

7. Livestock

  • Dynamics of livestock economy in the context of CPR depletion and implications